Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Hey it's Charlie!

When I breed my Florida White doe to my Mix Rex/Dutch buck, I always get predictable litters. Some albinos, some cottontail browns, various shades of greys and always one broken patterned kit.

   I recently read about the difference between “broken” colored mini Rex and “Charlie” mini Rex, which is when the rabbit is all white, but not albino, with black just around the eyes and possibly on the ears and back. And I wondered to myself will I ever get any Charlies? I had been breeding my rabbits for almost two years and never had any.

"Broken" pattern
"Charlie" pattern

Charlie kits from litter P1015
 Two weeks later my best breeder Partulah, a chinchilla grey Florida Mini Rex, started running around with a “haystach” and building a nest. At 28 days she got her nest box, and we waited. And waited. Then on Halloween, October 31st (day 31) she kindled and wouldn’t you know it, we got 3 Charlies!

"Cleo" from P1015
 I’m very excited about the results of breeding Partulah (Florida Mini Rex) to my Mini Rex/Dutch, Hyperion. This is the first time I’ve bred them together, and to get 3 Charlie kits was very exciting to me! Two kits are all white, with black around the eyes, and one has blue eyes. The third has black around the eyes, on the tips of the ears and down the back.
Charlie kits from litter T1115 at 2 weeks

Then to add to the excitement, two weeks later, my blue eyed brown Dutch, Tabitha had her second litter, just two babies, but both Charlies! They’re all white with black around the eyes and markings on the backs. This was also the first time I bred Tabitha with Hyperion and while I was really hoping for a larger litter than last time, which was 3, I am amused by the fact that I am now being bombarded by Charlie babies.
Kits from P1015 at 2 weeks 

I hope all of these fuzzy little girls (yes, all of them are girls!) will find their forever homes sometime before Christmas. I think they're the most adorable little things, don't you? 

Check out http://www.thenaturetrail.com/rabbit-genetics/broken-pattern-en-charlie-solid/ for more information on the genetics of broken, Charlie and solid rabbits.

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